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  • Carbomer 940   CAS 9003-01-4
  • Carbomer 940   CAS 9003-01-4
  • Carbomer 940   CAS 9003-01-4
Carbomer 940   CAS 9003-01-4Carbomer 940   CAS 9003-01-4Carbomer 940   CAS 9003-01-4

Carbomer 940 CAS 9003-01-4

  • CAS 9003-01-4
  • Appearance white powder
  • Water: 2.0 max
  • Package:25kg drum
  • Product description: Carbomer 940 powder is an acrylic polymer with polyalkenyl ether cross-linking, with Good viscosity increasing effect.

Carbomer 940 CAS 9003-01-4

Product Name: Carbomer 940

CAS NO.: 9003-01-4

Molecular Formula: C3H4O2
Viscosity: (mPa.s), 0.20%:15000-30000
Appearance: Fluffy, White Powder
Other types of Carbopol: Carbopol 940; Carbopol 980

Specification of Carbomer 940




Fluffy, white powder

0.2% Aqueous solution viscosity (mPa·s)


0.5% Aqueous solution viscosity (mPa·s)


0.2% Aqueous solution light transmittance (%)


0.5% Aqueous solution light transmittance (%)


Carboxylic acid content %


Residual solvent %


Residual Acrylic Acid (%)


Loss on drying (%)


Heavy metal (Pb+As+Hg+Sb) ppm)


Carbomer powder is an acrylic polymer with polyalkenyl ether cross-linking. It has strong hygroscopicity and certain acidity (because it contains carboxyl groups). It can be neutralized with alkaline substances to form a highly transparent gel. Good viscosity increasing effect. Carbo resin can thicken without being affected by temperature under low dosage, and can make some insoluble additives (particles, oil droplets, etc.) achieve permanent suspension.

Package: 20kg carton;

Transport Mode:

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We have strict requirements on product quality, In order to control the quality of our products, the production department performs product quality inspection on each batch of cargo produced with advanced equipment for testing and manufacturing. Before our new customer places an order, we can send the sample for your testing. We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quality.

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