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Dry-Film Protection

  • OIT 45 biocide
  • OIT 45 biocide
  • OIT 45 biocide
  • OIT 45 biocide
OIT 45 biocide OIT 45 biocide OIT 45 biocide OIT 45 biocide

OIT 45 biocide

  • CAS No: 26530-20-1
  • Purity 45%
  • Appearance Pale yellow to amber liquid
  • Package: 25kg, 200kg,1mt drum
  • Product description: OIT-45 liquid Biocide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that has been recommended and widely used for tankside control of fungi in metalworking central systems.

OIT 45 Liquid octylisothiazolinone biocide

Metalworking Fluid Fungicide for Water-Based Cutting Fluids

Chemical Name: 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one(OIT)

CAS No: 26530-20-1

OIT-45 liquid Biocide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that has been recommended and widely used for tankside control of fungi in metalworking central systems.

Typical Properties

These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications




Pale yellow to amber liquid

Active Ingredient

45% 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one

Flash Point, °C


Boiling Point, °C


Specific Gravity (g/ml) at 20°C


OIT 45 liquid Biocide is soluble in methanol, ethanol, propylene glycol, acetone, ethyl ether, ethyl acetate, chloroform, butyl Cellosolve, corn oil, and mineral oil. The solubility in toluene is 25% w/v. The solubility in water at 25°C is 480 ppm (active ingredient), although this may be increased by using suitable surfactants and emulsifiers. It is insoluble in heptane.
In concentrate and use-dilution metalworking fluids, the compatibility is concentration-dependent and varies from formulation to formulation. It is compatible with most metalworking fluid additives, including surfactants and amines.
Compatibility with amines may vary by the type, concentration and pH. Strong reducing agents, such as sulfides, mercaptans, bisulfites and metabisulfites, or strong oxidizing agents, such as hypochlorites, may affect the efficacy of OIT-45 Laboratory  or small-scale tests are recommended in order to evaluate OIT-45 compatibility in use-dilution or concentrate metalworking fluids prior to commercialization.
In-Use Stability: It has excellent stability in end use dilutions of metalworking fluids. It is stable over a wide pH range (4-10) in water and in metalworking fluid systems. Concentrate Stability OIT-45 Biocide stability, in metalworking fluidconcentrates, is variable. We recommend checking stability and performance beforecommercialization of products.
Storage Stability
In general, the storage stability is excellent. The shelf life of the product is nominally twelve years at 25°C. It is strongly recommended, however, that both the stability and compatibility in metalworking fluid formulations or systems be thoroughly examined before commercialization.
Applications/ Directions for Use
Method of Addition
It should be directly dispensed into metalworking fluid concentrates or use-dilution metalworking fluids using a metering pump or other point-of-use device where possible and uniformly dispersed throughout the fluid.
Fluid Concentrate
Itshould be added to metalworking fluid concentrates at a level that ensures the final use-dilution fluid will contain 55 to 167 ppm of product (25 to 75 ppm active ingredient). OIT 45 stability in a given concentrate should be determined prior to commercialization.
Use-Dilution Fluid
We highly recommend grossly contaminated systems be cleaned before treatment is begun.
Initial Dose: For a noticeably fouled system, add 0.47 to 1.44 lbs (7 to 21 fl oz) of OIT-45 Biocide per 1,000 gallons of fluid. This will provide 25 to 75 ppm active ingredient. Repeat until control is achieved.
Subsequent Dose: For maintenance of a non-fouled system, add 0.09 to 0.58 lbs (1.3 to 8.6 fl oz) of OIT-45 liquid Biocide per 1,000 gallons of fluid every four weeks. This will provide 5 to 30 ppm active ingredient. A higher dose range and/or increased frequency of treatment may be required, depending upon the rate of dilution of the preservative with the makeup fluid, the nature and severity of contamination, level of control required, filtration.

Packing: 25Kg per drum, 200Kg per drum or 1000Kg per IBC drum.

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Quality Inspection Center

Sinotrust strictly control the quality, each lot must be strictly inspected by the QA dept. The goods will be allowed to leave factory only after quality passing inspection. Same time, the sample for each lot will be kept one year. When issues happened, we or the third authority party could reinspect.

Before each new customer issue orders, free sample is supplied for test, We ensure the sample quality is same as bulk quality.

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