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Our factory

Sinotrust is a new technology company engaging in offering green safety microbial control technologies and supplying efficient eco-friendly products of bactericides, preservatives, mildew preventives, and algaecides, etc. We have our own factory which mainly produce BIT, PCMX, Isothiazolinone etc.

Utilizing our well-equipped up-to-date production lines along with the strict enforcement of our high standard quality control systems and leading inspection facilities, we take great pride in that we have been producing the quality, satisfaction-guaranteed products.

Our products are green environmental protection, the quality of the products are in the leading level in the same industry. Each product quality meet the national standard and the enterprise standard, Received high praise from domestic and foreign customers.

Your reliable biocides partner in China.

Quality products combined with outstanding technical support;

Pre-shipment sample for customer's test before bulk order;

Professional service with competitive price and earliest shipment;

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