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BIT/ Benzisothiazolinone

  • BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5
  • BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5
  • BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5
  • BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5
  • BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5
BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5BIT85  1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one  CAS 2634-33-5

BIT85 1 2 Benzisothiazolin 3 one CAS 2634-33-5

  • CAS 2634-33-5
  • Purity: 99%
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Package: 25kg fiber drum
  • Product description: BIT preservatives is a new generation of important broad-spectrum fungicides. With high purity active ingredient. BIT has high temperature resistance, and wide Ph range 2-12 could be used. BIT biocide

BIT 85 biocide In-Can Preservation for Paints, Adhesives and Related Products

Chemical Name: 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one

Cas No.:2634-33-5

Purity: 99% min,

water content: 15% max

BIT biocide is a broad spectrum microbicide for the preservation of industrial water-based products against the attack of microorganisms. BIT 85%  Powder containing 99% W/W 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one. BIT 85 is specifically recommended for the preservation of polymer emulsions, paints and coatings, adhesives, and printing inks.


Item No.
BIT-85 high grade Bactericide/ preservatives
Chemical Name
1,2-benzisothiazoline-3-one / Benzothiazole kathon
Cas No.
Molecular Formula
Molecular weight

Technical index:

White powder or alike
Content of active substance %
Flash Point
Density(25℃) g/cm3
Water content
15% max


Industrial sterilization, anti-corrosion, anti-enzymes. It has outstanding effects of inhibiting the growth of molds (fungi, bacteria) and algae in organic media, and solves a series of problems such as mold, fermentation, deterioration, demulsification and odor caused by microbial growth. Therefore, developed countries use BIT widely in latex products, water-soluble resins, coatings (latex paints), acrylics, and polymers. Polyurethane products, photo washing liquid, paper, ink, leather, lubricating oil and other products.

Application Field:

BIT biocide is widely used in polymer emulsion, Waterborne coatings, adhesive, Coated paper, Emulsified oil preparation, Oil extraction, industry water treatment system etc.

Product Benefits

1. Broad spectrum activity in high pH systems, controlling bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

2. Stable in the presence of amines.

3. Non specific mode of action, resulting in reduced microbial resistance potential.

4. Ease of handling due to its liquid form and good compatibility in most aqueous compositions.

5. Excellent performance with co-biocides like CMI/MI, bronopol or formaldehyde releasers, which allow performance enhancements and cost reduction.

6. The active ingredient is non-volatile and has a comparatively high heat stability which allows the incorporation in fluids which are still hot.

7. High purity active ingredient, made evident by its clear light colour.


Avoid any contact with the skin. Wear protective clothes, goggles, and rubber gloves in operation. Once touch, will be sensitive to skin. Irritating to the skin and eyes.

Packaging: 25kg fiber drum with pallet;

Storage and Transportation: With a shelf time of one year when stored at room temperature in a dark, air-tight, and moisture-proof place.

Transport Mode:

Multipletransportation methods can be selected, Sea Transport, Air Transport, Express Transport and Railway Transport. The transport method will be done according to customers' request. Our priciple is to delivery the goods reached to customers with shortest time and ecomomic transport mode, safe and fast.

Quality Testing Center:

We have strict requirements on product quality, In order to control the quality of our products, the production department performs product quality inspection on each batch of cargo produced with advanced equipment for testing and manufacturing. Before our new customer places an order, we can send the sample for your testing. We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quality.

Our service

With more ten years experience in industrial biocide, preservatives and mold inhibitor, We provide comprehensive customer service from the initial consultation to the final delivery of your order. We always serves with enthusiasm and accepts full responsibility in customers' work.
We have own specialized quality control center, to improve the goods quality. Our professional R & D team will provide continuous technical service support to our customer. With the long-term cooperation with customers from all over the world, we have opened up new business scopes. We always adhere to customer-centricity, focus on product quality, respond quickly to customer needs, and provide customers with stable and reliable products.