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Preservatives for coating, paints

The prevention of microbiological degradation of paints, plasters or other building materials containing water is one of the most important challenges.

Sinotrust company provides a wide range of formulated and modern in-can preservatives to protect your products. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a suitable preservative for your product –  amongst are: compatibility with other ingredients, pH value, compliance and regulatory status and climate conditions. A variety of microorganisms, various types of packaging, different storage conditions and the large number of ingredients enormous demands on preservation. A single active ingredient in an acceptable dosage can not meet these demands alone.
Sinotrust biocides provide sustainable protection of water based paint and coating formulations. Sinotrust offers comprehensive technical support services to determine the optimum preservative for your product and help reduce costs.
The main preservatives for coating and paints contain CMIT/MIT 1.5, BIT-10, BIT-85, MIT-50, OIT-45 etc.  For example BIT Preservatives is suitable for alkaline and water environment, BIT dispersion is suitable for oily paints, coating.
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