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CIT/MIT biocide kill bacteria, algae in circulating water treatment

CIT/MIT biocide kill bacteria, algae in circulating water treatment 

The algae removal, and bacteriostasis are important for some industrial enterprises. During the production process, the quality of  circulating water sometimes impact the quality of final products. So that  the biocide for water treatment is widely used in production. Our product of CIT/MIT 2.0% & Bronopol biocide are suitable for Water Treatment Microbiocide 

CIT/MIT-2.0 microbicides are high performance, broad spectrum, antimicrobial agents.They are effective at very low concentrations in controlling both the planktonic and surface growth of bacteria, fungi and algae and have been produced specifically for water treatment and paper mill applications. Such a broad spectrum product reduces inventory and handling costs, lowers operator training expenses and lessens the risk of dosing error.

Bronopol Water Treatment Microbiocide preservative is broad-spectrum bactericide used to control microbial growth and its associated problems in industrial process systems such as cooling water, oil production and transport, pulp and paper production.

BRONOPOL Water Treatment Microbiocide may be used to control slime-forming bacteria in recirculating water cooling towers, evaporative condensers, industrial process water, and air scrubber, air conditioner and humidifier systems. BRONOPOL may be dosed directly into the sump or basin at any point where there is adequate agitation to ensure dissolution. The correct dose range of active ingredient is 25-100 ppm.

Our customers from Brazil Thailand Vietnam purchased biocide of  CIT/MIT, bronopol from us for the water treatment industry. All the feedback are prefect. If you have the same issues, pls contact us for free sample test firstly. Thank you!


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