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Preservatives for Coating and Paints Industry

Preservatives for Coating and Paints Industry

The raw materials for coatings (latex paints) include pigments, fillers, color pastes, emulsions and resins, thickeners, dispersants, defoamers, leveling agents, film-forming aids, etc. These raw materials contain moisture and nutrients, which is extremely easy Contaminated by bacteria, resulting in latex paint viscosity reduction, spoilage, gas generation, demulsification and other harmful physical and chemical changes. In order to minimize the damage caused by microbial infestation and ensure the quality of latex paint products, it is absolutely necessary to perform anticorrosive treatment on the latex paints as soon as possible. It is generally recognized as an effective method is to add germicidal preservatives to products.

Our company produced various kinds of preservatives used for different types of coatings, paints. Such as the product CMIT/MIT 1.5% is suitable for water-based coating with ph value 2 to 5;  The preservatives of OIT-45 is suitable for oil-based coatings and paints, with ph value 3 to 7;  Benzisothiazolione preservatives is widely used for various kinds of coating, water soluble, or oil soluble, and used for alkaline environment with ph value above 9;

So far, Sinotrust Chemical Co., Ltd. has cooperated with many coatings and paint manufacturers at home and abroad. Our biocide and preservatives help to improved customers product quality and reduce their costs. Any issues, pls contact us without hesitation.


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