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Application of Bactericidal & Antiseptic in Latex Paint

1 The necessity of adding bactericidal preservatives to latex paints

The closely related conditions for the bacterial microbes survive are water, temperature, and PH value. As long as water is present, microorganisms can survive; temperature determines the growth rate of microorganisms, and the temperature of 20 to 37°C is most suitable for most bacteria; the effect of oxygen on the growth of microorganisms is limited: PH range also in the growth of bacteria or mold For certain reasons, most of the most common microorganisms are most prosperous at a pH of approximately 7.

2 Correct use of bactericidal preservatives in latex paints

The proper use of bactericidal preservatives ensures that the coating is free of bacteria and algae and that it is an important factor in ensuring that the coating is saluting within the shelf life. The bactericidal mechanism of most bactericidal preservatives is through the contact of bactericides with microorganisms to denature the proteins of microorganisms, reduce their cellular activity, and promote the death of bacteria. Therefore, to ensure the effective sterilization of bactericidal preservatives, it is necessary not only to ensure that the added amount of bactericide is higher than the bactericidal capacity of the bactericide, but also to ensure that the bactericide is evenly distributed in the paint, thereby effectively killing the paint inside the tank. Bacteria in various parts. Under normal circumstances, bactericidal preservatives should not be less than 0.1% in the formulation of paints. Under harsh environmental conditions, such as water quality or serious contamination of raw materials, and environmental temperature, etc., it should be appropriately increased.


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