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The Features of Industrial fungicide

With the rapid development of modern industry, economic growth is no longer the only goal for the development of enterprises. Prevention of pollution and environmental protection should also be considered during the development of the enterprise. At present, China has also issued laws and regulations concerning industrial production in environmental pollution and other related aspects. Industrial fungicide should be subject to the requirements of policies and regulations, and related improvements have been made.Now let us find out what the basic feature of industrial fungicide during the process of environmental protection.

First, efficient

The structural properties and dosage of bactericide play a decisive role in the bactericidal effect of microorganisms, but also related to the use of objects, the use of the environment, the type and quantity of the target microorganisms. High efficiency requires that the fungicide be effective at low concentrations. This effectively avoids the excessive use of fungicides and causes unnecessary pollution.

Second, Low toxicity

Because people sometimes come in contact with fungicides, or industrial emissions of waste gas, waste water etc. which affect the living environment of human life. As time passed, it will endanger human health, and therefore require fungicides to be low toxicity;

Third, there are no side effects on the use of the object

From the beginning of the textile and papermaking industry to the current ceramic, glass, aerospace and other industries, fungicides are used. This requirement is to ensure the performance of the original product, ensure product quality, and avoid unnecessary waste.

Fourth, there is no negative side effect

Avoid the use of bactericides to produce volatile gases or combine with products to produce harmful substances.

Fifth, good stability

When used or stored, it is not easily damaged by physical and chemical factors such as light, temperature, oxygen, acidic substances, and alkaline substances.

Sixth, effective long-term

The longer the effective period of the bactericide, the better, but the expired bactericide should be degraded into non-toxic substances as soon as possible to avoid environmental pollution.


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