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Microbial control worldwide

Microbial control worldwide
The products from Sinotrust can be widely used in many fields. With a wide range of antimicrobial active ingredients, preservatives and disinfectant products, our products can be widely used, including:

• Wood protection
• paint
• Architecture
• Daily chemical industry, cosmetic industry
• Industrial circulating water treatment

Our paint and coating preservatives can not only extend the service life of the paint layer, but also maintain the viscosity and pH of the product. Our mold remover and algaecide can keep the paint surface smooth and beautiful for a long time.
In the application of products in the field of water treatment and metal cutting fluid process control, our products have a very effective effect.

In the field of daily chemicals and cosmetics,
Our products Kathon, BIT-20, IPBC, PHMB, SPT, ZPT are widely used in the field of daily chemicals, cosmetics, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, conditioner, shampoo.

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