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Our shipment is prompt and continous, during the special moment.

Year 2020 is an extraordinary year, Virus-COVID sweep the world. Under the situation, We still keep continuously supplyment and prompt shipment for each customers.

One of our customers in USA urgently need the biocide of Ishthiazolinone, we choose the fast way to arrange the shipment via airplane. It costed 5 working days the goods reached at customer’s office, fm China to Texas.

Another customers purchased the daily chemical preservatives of Triclosan, PCMX & DCMX,  mix loaded into a 20-foot container shipment from us. They used our products in their production of the products of Hand sanitizer, Soap, and body wash products.

If you have any demand or enquiry, pls contact us freely.

The bottom price and prompt shipment will be done for you. At same time, We also could provide the professical support of technical support for the dosage and component compatibility of the product.


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