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Glutaraldehyde- A disinfectant, preservative, and fixative.

Glutaraldehyde (also known as glutaraldeido) is colorless or yellowish clear liquid, with slight irritating odor;  Soluble in water, ether and ethanol. It is active, can be easily polymerized and oxidized, and it is an excellent cross-linking agent for protein. It also has excellent sterilizing properties.

Our products include Glutaraldehyde 50% solution and Glutaraldehyd 25% solution.  Totaly we main have 4 types, Glutaraldehyde free of formaldehyde, Glu with formaldehyde 15%, Glu with formaldehyde 20% & Glu with formaldehyde 25%. 

Glutaraldehyde is a disinfectant, medication, preservative, and fixative. As a disinfectant, it is used to sterilize surgical instruments and other areas of hospitals. 
Glutaraldehyde is broad-spectrum biocide which can be used in water flooding, drilling mud and other oil production process. Glutaraldehyde based disinfectant products achieve microbial control by disabling cell wall amino acids. Glutaraldehyde biocide performed much more rapidly than THPS, achieving significantly greater log reductions of seawater SRBs at same concentrations. 

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