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  • DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5
  • DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5
  • DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5
  • DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5
  • DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5
DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5DCOIT 10 Biocide  CAS 64359-81-5

DCOIT 10 Biocide CAS 64359-81-5

  • CAS 64359-81-5
  • Appearance:pale yellow liquid
  • Purity 10% min
  • Pack 25kg 200kg drum
  • Product description: DCOIT 10 biocide is a liquid product, highly effective anti-mildew and anti-algae agent.DCOIT-10 is miscible with a variety of non-polar solvents. DCOIT-10 is non-miscible with water. The solubility o

Long-term Activity dcoit 10% bactericide

DCOIT 10 Biocide for Silicone Sealants CAS 64359-81-5

Product Name: DCOIT-10

Chemical Name: 4.5-DICHLORO-2H-OCTYL-3(2H)-ISOTHIAZOLONE; 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octy-4-isothiazolin-3-one;

CAS No.: 64359-81-5

EINECS No.: 2648438

Molecular formula: C11H17NOSCl2

Molecular weight: 282.20

The active ingredient is: 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (DCOIT)


It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for use in acetoxy silicone sealants, the active ingredient, 4.5-Dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (DCOIT), shows excellent efficacy against fungi and bacteria under the standard ISO 846 method B test conditions including Aspergillus, Alternaria and Candida species and accelerated leaching. Due to the very low solubility of DCOIT, the leaching from silicone sealants is minimal and long term protection is provided.

Broad spectrum efficacy, low leaching and rapid degradation of the very low concentrations of the active ingredient released into the environment during performance and easy incorporation into the sealant render this product aunique solution for the fungicidal protection of silicone sealants. It does not contain any metals or arsenic compounds.





pale yellow liquid

Active Ingredient


Specific Gravity (g/ml) at 25°C

Approx. 0.9 g/cm³

Boiling point (solvent)


Flash point (solvent)


Performance characteristics:

1) Highly effective anti-mildew and anti-algae agent.

2) Suitable for a wide range of pH, 3-9 can be used.

3) Low toxicity, no VOC, stable under strong light and high temperature.

4) The latest slow release technology, no loss, no yellowing.

5) Heat stable and easy to use.

Application areas:

A dry film antifungal agent, mainly used in PVC plastics.

Usage and dosage:

This product is widely used in anti-corrosion, mildew and algae in PVC plastics. The recommended amount is 1-3% (w/w).

Directions for Use

DCOIT-10 biocide is a liquid product and is dosed either using automated metering systems or by hand-weighing. To ensure adequate mixing add the biocide at the compounding stage of the silicone sealant.

DCOIT-10 should be dosed in the range of 1 kg - 10 kg as supplied for a one tonne batch, which is equivalent to 100 ppm to 1000 ppm active ingredient.

Package: 25kg, 200kg, 1000kg closed plastic drum.

Storage:Store in the dark and at room temperature. The shelf life is one year.

Transport Mode:

Multipletransportation methods can be selected, Sea Transport, Air Transport, Express Transport and Railway Transport. The transport method will be done according to customers' request. Our priciple is to delivery the goods reached to customers with shortest time and ecomomic transport mode, safe and fast.

Quality Testing Center:

We have strict requirements on product quality, In order to control the quality of our products, the production department performs product quality inspection on each batch of cargo produced with advanced equipment for testing and manufacturing. Before our new customer places an order, we can send the sample for your testing. We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quality.

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