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  • Biocide DCOIT 20
  • Biocide DCOIT 20
  • Biocide DCOIT 20
  • Biocide DCOIT 20
  • Biocide DCOIT 20
Biocide DCOIT 20Biocide DCOIT 20Biocide DCOIT 20Biocide DCOIT 20Biocide DCOIT 20

Biocide DCOIT 20

  • CAS # 64359-81-5
  • Appearance:Greenish-yellow, clear liquid
  • Purity: 20% min
  • Pack: 25kg,180kg drum.
  • Product description: 4.5-DICHLORO-2H-OCTYL-3(2H)-ISOTHIAZOLONE is a kind of Broad-spectrum Bactericide, it can be widely used in the plastic industry such as Paint, Coating, Polyethylene, polyurethane. dichloroctylisothi

Biocide DCOIT 20  CAS 64359-81-5 Dichloroctylisothiazolinone

Industrial Microbicide for Use in Coatings, Building Materials, Adhesives and Tackifiers

Product Name: DCOIT 20; Dichloroctylisothiazolinone; 4,5-Dichloro-2-octyl-isothiazolone

Synonyms: 4.5-Dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one; Kathon 287T; Kathon 930

CAS NO.: 64359-81-5

EINECS NO.: 264-843-8


This preservatives is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) formulation of the active ingredient is 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one. It provides the same broad spectrum activity with improved ease of formulation and similarly can be used in both exterior and interior applications.





greenish-yellow, clear liquid

Active Ingredient

20% dichloroctylisothiazolinone.

Specific Gravity (g/ml) at 25°C

Approx. 0.98 g/cm³

Directions for Use

Recommended use levels of DCOIT-20 microbicide range from 0.12% to 0.57%, as supplied, on total weight of paint formulation.

When DCOIT-20 microbicide is used at recommended mildewcidal levels, a separate in-can preservative may not be needed. Testing DCOIT-20 microbicide in customer formulations both for dry film protection and wet stage preservation is highly recommended.

The usage level required to obtain the desired degree of protection with DCOIT-20 microbicide depends on several factors. These include the climatic conditions where the paint will be applied, the type of paint produced, the condition of the surface being painted, and the number of coats of paint applied. For maximum protection we recommend using 1150 ppm active ingredient (0.57% product as supplied).


DCOIT 20%, Suitable for applications in the paints and coatings, wood anticorrosion, and leather fields of anticorrosion, anti - mold and anti - algae.

Formulating Techniques

It is a flowable dispersion that is easily incorporated into paint formulations. In principle, it can be added to the paint at any point in the paint preparation process.

Usage and dosage:

This product is widely used in paint and coatings in anti - corrosion, anti - mold and anti - algae.When used, it can be added in the early stage of production, and the recommended additive amount is 0.3-1.0%(w/w).


Store in tightly sealed original containers and preferably at room temperature. Protect from frost and heat.

If the product does freeze, it has to be mixed homogeneously after warming up and can then be used without any loss in effectiveness.

Package: 25kg drum, 180kg drum, 750kg drum;

Transport Mode:

Multipletransportation methods can be selected, Sea Transport, Air Transport, Express Transport and Railway Transport. The transport method will be done according to customers' request. Our priciple is to delivery the goods reached to customers with shortest time and ecomomic transport mode, safe and fast.

Quality Testing Center:

We have strict requirements on product quality, In order to control the quality of our products, the production department performs product quality inspection on each batch of cargo produced with advanced equipment for testing and manufacturing. Before our new customer places an order, we can send the sample for your testing. We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quality.

Our service

With more ten years experience in industrial biocide, preservatives and mold inhibitor, We provide comprehensive customer service from the initial consultation to the final delivery of your order. We always serves with enthusiasm and accepts full responsibility in customers' work.
We have own specialized quality control center, to improve the goods quality. Our professional R & D team will provide continuous technical service support to our customer. With the long-term cooperation with customers from all over the world, we have opened up new business scopes. We always adhere to customer-centricity, focus on product quality, respond quickly to customer needs, and provide customers with stable and reliable products.