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  • Triazina biocide 74%  CAS 4719-04-4
  • Triazina biocide 74%  CAS 4719-04-4
  • Triazina biocide 74%  CAS 4719-04-4
Triazina biocide 74%  CAS 4719-04-4 Triazina biocide 74%  CAS 4719-04-4 Triazina biocide 74%  CAS 4719-04-4

Triazina biocide 74% CAS 4719-04-4

  • CAS 4719-04-4
  • Purity:74-78%
  • Appearance: colorless liquid
  • Package:25kg,200kg drum
  • Product description: Triazine is one type of industry preservatives.It has the characteristics of oil soluble and water dispersed, the oil and water and gaseous H2S and organic sulfur can omni-directional effect.

Triazine Biocide  BK Biocide  CAS 4719-04-4

Product Name: Triazine Fungicides

Chemical Name: Hexahydro-1,3,5-tris(hydroxyethyl)-s-triazine.

CAS: 4719-04-4

Formula: C9H21N3O3

Molecular weight: 219.29



Light yellow or colorless transparent viscous liquid



PH(ISO 1148, 0.2% In distilled water)


Density(20℃, DIN53217/5)

1.15-1.16 g/cm3


250-400 mPas



Free amine


Refractive index


COA Download: Here

MSDS: Contact us for MSDS file.


It can be dissolved in deionized water and standard hard water (3mmol Ca ion/l) in any proportion, soluble in alcohol and propylene glycol.

Product Overview:

This product is mainly composed of 1,3,5-tris(2-hydroxyethyl)-1,3,5-hexahydrotriazine. It is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency and low-toxic antiseptic and antiseptic fungicide. Suitable for neutral, weakly alkaline, alkaline working environment, no corrosion to equipment. This product has strong killing power against various Gram-positive or negative bacteria, mold and yeast.


This product is a colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid. It can be dissolved in water, alcohol and propylene glycol in any proportion. It can act alone or in combination with other active ingredients. The minimum inhibitory concentration is 500-1000ppm.

Application range:

1. Papermaking Industry:

Instructions: It can be used in the mixing tank, the slurry pool, the high overflow box, the thickener and the white pool in front of the pulp machine. It can reduce fiber degradation and increase paper strength. Depending on the process, continuous drip or impact dosing can be used.

2. Oil Field Industry:

Instructions: It can be used for anti-corrosion sterilization of drilling mud, completion fluid, fracturing fluid, cementing agent and fluid loss additive. Depending on the process, continuous drip or impact dosing can be used.

3. Preservation of industrial technology products:

Such as metalworking fluids, metal surface treatments in the electroplating industry, binders, industrial additives, polymer dispersants and lubricants.

Mainly used in the paper industry, oil field industry, metal processing industry (cutting fluid, grinding fluid, calendering fluid), coatings industry and electroplating industry.

Recommended dosage:

Industrial category


Papermaking Industry


Oil Industry


Metalworking Industry


· Latex paint and coating industry


Electroplating industry

Washing industry


Metalworking fluid crude oil plant



1 high efficiency, broad spectrum, with the dual role of inhibition and sterilization.

2 The compatibility is good, it does not affect the physical properties such as the color and strength of the paper, and it has no corrosion to the equipment.

3 It is effective in a large pH range and can maintain long-term stable activity.

4 The amount of addition is small, the effect is fast, and the bactericidal power is strong.

5 is an environmentally friendly “green product”.


1. This product should avoid direct contact with the eyes. Once contacted, it should be rinsed with plenty of water immediately.

2, this product can not be in contact with the skin for a long time, manual operation should wear protective eyes and rubber gloves.

Package: 25Kg, 220Kg plastic drum packaging;

Storage: store in a cool, ventilated place. The storage temperature should not exceed 40 °C, and should be lightly loaded and unloaded during transportation to avoid collision and inversion.

Transport Mode:

Multipletransportation methods can be selected, Sea Transport, Air Transport, Express Transport and Railway Transport. The transport method will be done according to customers' request. Our priciple is to delivery the goods reached to customers with shortest time and ecomomic transport mode, safe and fast.

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