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What is the difference between antifungal agents and antibacterial agents?


The anti-fungal agent has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on bacteria, fungi and algae. It is mainly used for daily antiseptic and mildew prevention of cosmetics, detergents, gel water, creams, liquid soaps and wet wipes. Anti-mildew, usually refers to the paint and other products in the dry film state, that is, film, in order to prevent mold growth requires anti-mildew effect. Anti-mold agent is in the dry film state, mainly for mold, kill, inhibit mold growth An additive.


The main components of the antibacterial agent: silicone copper quaternary ammonium salt, carson, surfactant, synergist and the like. A drug that prevents microbes from causing mold. There are phenols (such as phenol), chlorophenols (such as pentachlorophenol), organic mercury salts (such as phenylmercuric oleate), organic copper salts (such as 8-hydroxyquinoline copper), organic tin salts (such as chlorination) Triethyl or tributyltin, etc., and inorganic salts of copper sulfate, mercuric chloride, sodium fluoride, and the like. Used in plastics, rubber, textiles, paints and insulation.


The main components of the anti-fungal agent are calcium propionate, propionic acid, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, acetic acid, etc. The anti-mold agent is used to prevent mildew during the storage of feed or raw materials, and should generally be added by the feed mill. It does not make sense to add it to the current ready-to-use feed.


The main anti-mold agents on the market are: activated carbon and some high polymers, zeolite powder, diatomaceous earth, kaolin, montmorillonite, aluminosilicate, glucomannan, mycotoxin specific enzyme, mesoscopic bearing treatment. Aluminosilicate.


The antibacterial agent and the antifungal agent are different. As for the antibacterial agent and the antifungal agent, the mechanism of action is slightly different. Because different or antibacterial agents have different active ingredients, the mechanism of action will be different. Antibacterial agents generally refer to agents that kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria. An antifungal agent generally refers to a preparation capable of killing or inhibiting the growth of mold. One is for bacteria and one for mold. However, if the bacteria and mold belong to the bacteria from a broad point of view, the antibacterial agent is naturally referred to as a preparation against bacteria and mold. Each kind of anti-mold agent or anti-bacterial agent has the ability to kill and inhibit bacteria and molds, but the focus is different. Some preparations have strong anti-mildew ability (anti-mold), but the ability to inhibit bacteria is slightly weaker. some. Some formulations have superior ability to inhibit bacteria against mold inhibition, but the mechanism of action of the same agent is the same whether it is against mold or bacteria.


The same antifungal or antibacterial agent may have multiple mechanisms and modes of action. Many of the anti-mold antibacterial agents of Jianis are compounded and contain a variety of anti-mold and anti-bacterial ingredients. However, if they are analyzed from a single antibacterial ingredient, the mode of action is simple. Therefore, the mechanism of action of the antifungal agent and the antifungal agent is mainly based on the active ingredients therein. The mechanism of action of anti-mold antibacterial agents is roughly divided into strong oxidation, sterilization of active group sterilization, interference or interruption of cytoplasmic flow, resulting in cell protoplasmic membrane disintegration and bactericidal action, inhibition of protein synthesis, genetic material synthesis, etc. Puncture the cell membrane or cell wall to allow the reproduction to overflow.

 Although the antibacterial agent looks similar to the antifungal agent, the composition of the two is different, so the mechanism is different.


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