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Application of BIT (1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one) in many industries such as synthetic emulsions and water-based coatings

1,2-Benzoisothiazolin-3-one (BIT)

This fungicide is one of the new generation of industrial fungicides emerging in the world today, and products were introduced in the 1970s. In the early 1980s, Imperial Chemical Industries invested £5.5 million to develop a continuous production process and achieved great success in synthetic emulsions, waterborne coatings, adhesives, paper, metal cutting fluids, technical oils, and oilfields. Later, the company invested heavily in the establishment of many production facilities around the world, with an annual output of 6,000 tons. In 1982, China began the synthesis of the fungicide, and then successfully carried out industrial production, and in the aspects of synthetic polymer emulsion, water-based architectural coatings, latex paints, adhesives, coated paper, chemical fiber oil, oil exploitation, etc. The application research work has achieved good application results.

The bactericide is a solid powder having a melting point of 156 ° C, a solubility in water of 0.14% at 25 ° C, and a solubility of 1.5% at 90 ° C, but the sodium salt of the product is easily soluble in water. This product has high thermal stability. Differential thermal analysis showed that BIT started to lose weight slightly at 180 °C, and it lost weight at 250 °C (heating rate 4 °C/min). It is stable to acid and alkali and can be used in a wide range of pH. BIT has A variety of preparations have been introduced, and a series of products have been formed to suit different anti-corrosion objects. Among these preparations, except BIT-85, the solid powder is insoluble in water, and the rest can be dissolved in various water systems, and is also soluble in many organic solvents, and has the widest compatibility with the materials to be preserved. BIT and its formulations do not have any corrosive effect on metals.

BIT fungicides are characterized by broad spectrum and high efficiency, and are effective against bacteria, mold, yeast and sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), especially for Gram-negative bacteria. The BIT raw powder has an MLC of less than 20 ppm for many bacteria. The spoilage of synthetic emulsions and their products is mainly caused by Gram-negative bacteria, and the bactericidal preservatives used as synthetic emulsions, latex paints and water-based paints after coating can also be used as antifungal agents for coatings. For these products, 300m50pm (ie 0.03~0.05%) PT can be added in general, and a high degree of sterilization and antiseptic effect can be obtained.

BIT series of bactericidal preservatives have been included in the national new chemical products. BIT can not only prevent the deterioration of emulsions and coatings, but also make the film have the function of resisting mold attack, for example, adding it to interior wall paint. Special anti-mold coatings, suitable for environments such as food factories, cigarette factories, wineries, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, etc., which are prone to mold, such as paint plants, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, etc. BIT is a bactericidal preservative for exterior wall coatings and scrub resistant coatings. Due to the unique properties of BIT (production of coating enamel, BIT preparation can be easily dissolved in water at any ratio; it is very convenient to use; after coating, BIT active ingredient It is insoluble in water and is not afraid of rain. It is popular among users. Further research shows that BIT is compatible with ZnO, Bu, Sno or TBz for waterborne coatings. Its protective properties, stability, odor and environment are the best. Because the two fungicides are compounded, they can often be used for sterilization and cooperation. Therefore, this is also one of the development directions of new sterilization preservatives.

The product of BIT, which can be widely used in water-based systems such as latex paint, water-based wood lacquer, water-based polymer, adhesive, ink, dye dispersion, paraffin liquid.

1. broad-spectrum, long-acting kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeast, to achieve a good antibacterial effect.

2. It has good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and other ingredients, and can be dissolved in any proportion of alcohol and water.

3. The applicable pH range is wider than similar products, and pH 2-14 can be used.

4. strong stability: stored at -20 ° C to 40 ° C for one year without change, the active ingredients are also stable at 150 ° C.

5. low toxicity, free of heavy metals and halogen compounds.

6. Stable to amine compounds.

7. no formaldehyde, low odor, no VOC.


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