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Chemical crude oil desulfurization agent (MEA Triazine)

Chemical crude oil desulfurization agent (MEA Triazine)

Product name: Desulfurizer agent

Chemical name: MEA Triazine; (Hexahydro-1,3,5-tris(hydroxyethyl)-s-triazine)

CAS No.: 4719-04-4

EINECS No.: 203-612-8


Triazine desulfurizer is configured from our unique technology, which is formula products. The main components consist of triazine derivatives such as organic amines and their derivatives, organic solvents, cocatalysts, corrosion inhibitors, and activators. The molecular formula of organic amine is CnHn-2NO2, which has a large molecular weight, a boiling point of 130°C, and a freezing point below -24°C.

Desulfurizer is a water-soluble derivative, colorless or light yellow transparent viscous liquid, no odor, pH=9~10. The compound is a macromolecular active agent. The molecular chain is rich in nitrogen atoms and contains active H atoms. It can react with S+ in H2S to form an irreversible chemical compound, thereby achieving the purpose of removing H2S from natural gas. Its desulfurization products are water-soluble liquids, high safety, and do not require recycling, can be directly injected into the formation.


1)    It has oil-soluble & water-dispersion characteristics, which can fully affect oil and water and gaseous H2S and organic sulfur. The dosage is small, the reaction is fast, the desulfurization effect is remarkable, and the reduction is large. The amount added is 2‰--6‰;

2)    It is suitable for sulfur-containing crude oil of various properties; after the reaction of crude oil desulfurizer, the product has stable performance, is not easily decomposed by heat, and can be biodegraded; the product is water-soluble and stable organic polysulfide compound, after treatment in the joint station demulsification dehydration process , with water discharge - can be injected back into the oil well, or discharged into the wastewater treatment plant, not brought into the refinery with crude oil.

3)    The product has almost no corrosion to steel; in the environment of multiple media, it has good selectivity to H2S and high sulfur removal efficiency;

4)    The product does not contain salt and is not easy to cause salt precipitation; the filling process is simple. Dosing mainly through the metering pump, the energy consumption is very small; the desulfurizing agent can desulfurization reaction at normal temperature, the process of eliminating hydrogen sulfide is an exothermic process, generally does not need to consume energy.


Widely used in the production process / waste treatment process, eliminating sulfides such as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. Wastewater desulfurizer, natural gas crude oil desulfurizer, etc.;


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