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How to choose the right preservatives?

There are so many biocides, preservatives, anti preventive? How to choose the right one for us? Firstly, pls make clear what industry we used for preservatives for? For industry, Home care products, cosmetics, or else.
For example, one customer need the preservatives for home care products, such as soap, Hand sanitizer, and laundry detergent.
As the final product soap, hand sanitizer are all home care products, not belongs to industrial product. It'll keep in touch with our hand, our skin, or our clothes. But all of these will not keep long stay on our skin, or hand.
So now the best preservatives for these products are Isothiazolinone, Kathon, CMIT/MIT, Benzalkonium chloride, PCMX, DCMX...As the price is competitive and the toxicity is low.
If the customer want the biocide to produce the cosmetics, such as lotion, cream which will be kept long time on our skin.  We suggest the preservatives of IPBC, PHMB, MB5, MIT... All of these are with much lower toxicity and higher price.
If someone need the preservatives for paints and coating
If the paints and coating used for marine vessel,   we recommend the DCOIT Preservatives, which can effectively inhibit or kill green algae. The inhibiting and killing effects of barnacles are also obvious. Which could make the right protect of vessel When sailing on the ocean, the parts in contact with seawater are not only strongly corroded by seawater.
If the paints and coating are used during our lives, the preservatives of BIT 85 Powder, OIT, MIT... are all suitable.
How to choose the right preservatives?
Make clear what field does there preservatives be used for? What is the PH value? The preservatives should face the acidic environment or alkaline environment?
More info, pls contact us, we will recommend the right product for you.


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