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High Grade Water Treatment Chemical CAS 55965-84-9 Isothiazolinone (CIT/MIT 14%)

Isothiazolinones (CIT/MIT)

Product name: Isothiazolinone (CIT/MIT)

CAS NO.: 55965-84-9

Alternative name: Kathon 886

Formula: C8H9ClN2O2S2

Molecular Weight: 264.75

Appearance: Yellow or green yellow  transparent solution.

Synonyms: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone and 2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-keton, Kathon 886 

1. Description:

Isothiazolinones is a liquid biocide which is composed of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone and 2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone. The bactericidal effect of Isothiazolinones is carried out through breaking the bond between bacteria and algae protein. When contacted with microbes, Isothiazolinones can quickly inhibit their growth, thus leading to death of these microbes. 

2. Active Components

5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (CMIT)

2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (MIT) 

3. Product Features

l Broad spectrum activity

l Rapid inhibition of microbial growth and enzyme synthesis

l low toxicity

l low use levels

l Biodegradable / non persistent in the environment 

4. Applications:

Widely used in the industries of cosmetics, paints, water-based polymer, metal cutting fluids, adhesives, inks, dyes, and paraffin liquid; can also be used for the water treatment applications in the industries of petrochemicals, electricity, central air conditioning and industrial cooling water for the sterilization and algae removal purposes. 

5. Suggested Dosage

5-10ppm. This suggested dosage is only for reference. The actual dosage should be determined with the consideration of the season, environment, water source and the degree of microbial pollution. 

6. Transportation and Storage

The product is packed in 250kg plastic drum and also can be packed according to the customers requirement. Please store the product in a cool and dry place without sun exposure with temperature below 40 oC. The storage life of the product is 12 months. 

7. Attention

The product is corrosive to skin/eyes and is a potential sensitizer. Users should avoid any direct contact with is as supplied.


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