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Isothiazolinone formula biocide for papermaking & paper plup

Modern papermaking mostly uses vegetable fiber cooking and pulping or pulp paper as the main raw material pulping process. Mortar is mainly caused by microorganisms, including filamentous bacteria from water, algae and mold in the air, and a large number of bacteria in waste paper. At the same time, a large number of chemical additives added in paper production, such as: Glues, starches, dyes and fillers are rich in nutrients, which provide abundant food for these microorganisms.

In addition, the papermaking process can provide temperature and environment suitable for microbial reproduction, and microorganisms can grow and multiply once they are intervened. When microorganisms grow, they often adhere to the surface of the object (pipes, pool walls, etc. of the slurry process) to form biofilms. Due to the division of cells in the biofilm and the adsorption of external microorganisms, a thicker biofilm is gradually formed. At this time, when the biofilm remains suitable in the environmental conditions, the microorganisms in the biofilm are multiplied and grown, which is very beneficial to adsorb more microorganisms, further increase the volume of the biofilm and is easily perceived by humans, when the volume of the biofilm reaches a certain level. After the degree, because the slurry is washed and the weight of the biofilm is greater than the adhesion of the biofilm itself, the large biofilm will fall off and spread into the whole system, and with the slurry online, the shedding organism The membrane is a mortar.

Our company launched the paper-making bactericidal preservatives, the product named CMIT/MIT 2.5%,WT-305 & WT-328 which are high-efficiency, broad-spectrum and low-toxic compound fungicides with isothiazolone as the main active component.

The paper anti-corrosive fungicide of WT-305 is produced for the characteristics of the papermaking white water system, and is used for paper breaks and paper holes caused by the cause of the pulp. It does not corrode the equipment and damage the pulp fiber, can effectively improve the cleanliness of the paper machine, reduce the number of brushing, improve the paper grade, and has a remarkable anti-corrosion effect on the original color paste. It has good bactericidal effect under neutral and alkaline conditions, and can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria, mold and yeast. It also has a peeling effect. It can also be widely applied to the sterilization and anticorrosion of papermaking pulping tanks. Add to the white pool or into the pool.


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