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Knowledge of Kathon without Copper

First, performance and use:

The non-copper Kathon is an isothiazolinone with main component of a stabilizer salt without copper content. It has a strong penetrating ability to microbial cells and decomposes and destroys the microbial cell tissues, and bacteria, fungi, Microorganisms such as algae have a strong killing and inhibition effect

(1) Non-oxidizing bactericide, rapid and effective bactericidal effect;

(2) It has a certain peeling effect on the slime formed by bacteria;

(3) Applicable to a wide range of pH, good biodegradability, and no pollution to the environment.

(4) It does not contain copper ions and is suitable for systems with strict requirements for copper ions.

(5) It can be used as a reverse osmosis fungicide and has good compatibility with membranes.


Second, the method of use

This product is used in the same way as normal isothiophene in normal circulating water system. It can be used once a week for 300-400 pp sterilization on reverse osmosis. It can also be used as a reverse osmosis cleaning agent at a concentration of 500-800 ppm. 

Third, packaging and storage

Copper-free isothiazolinone is packed in plastic drums, 25kg per barrel. Store at room temperature in the dark for one year.

Fourth, security protection

This product is in use. If the feed water contains hydrogen sulfide or dissolved iron ions or manganese ions (chlorine and hydrogen peroxide), this fungicide should not be used. Copper-free isothiazolinone is corrosive. Pay attention to labor protection during operation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Rinse with plenty of water after contact.



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