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ffective substance of the detergent preservative is Kathon preservative

Is the main effective substance of the detergent preservative a Kathon preservative?

Yes, the main effective substance of the detergent preservative is the Kathon preservative, and the general finished detergent preservative is a pale yellow liquid. When the detergent is produced in the factory, because the detergent preservative is a liquid, it is added to the detergent in the last process, and it is stirred and mixed.

Detergent preservatives are widely used in shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers and hand lotions, detergents, dishwashing detergents, topical ointments and other products. This product is an internationally recognized safe, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum preservative for daily chemical products. It does not contain any heavy metals, contains no formaldehyde, and strongly inhibits and eliminates fungi and various microorganisms. Improve product quality and greatly extend the shelf life of the product.

It also has the following characteristics: high efficiency, non-toxic, broad spectrum of bacteriostatic and bactericidal, long-lasting effect, good compatibility with various emulsifiers and surfactants, excellent compatibility, no change in cosmetics and external medicines. Odor and color, not limited by temperature, preferably below 80 °C, more than 90% efficiency below 100 °C, safe and convenient, stable performance, less added, applicable in the range of pH 2.0-9.0, low price, The price is much lower than similar products at home and abroad.

The main effective substance of detergent detergent is Kathon preservative, but we must use the detergent preservative in strict accordance with the national statutory regulations, so as to ensure safety.


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