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Bactericides, Fungicides, antifouling

Preservatives for paints and coating

For most of us, paint is just the colour of our walls, cars, or a coating on furniture and woodwork. But the reality is, paint is a mixture of various components that undergo a number of changes in the manufacturing process before being used by us. Typically, paints consist of pigments, solvents, resins and additives; all of which have their unique properties that contribute in the preparation of this stable emulsion.

Pigments- give the paint color
Solvents - make it easier to apply
Resins - help it dry
Additives - Filler substance, that also acts as anti-fungicidal agents.

What biocides are suitable for the paints and coatings?
CIT/MIT-1.5, suitalbe for neutral coating / water-based paints;
BIT-85, BIT-10, suitable for alkaline, neutral;  oily dispersion;
MIT-50, suitable for water based coatings.
OIT-98, OIT-45 suitable for oily; dispersion can be used for water based.
DCOIT-30 suitable for marine coatings. It controls such fouling organisms as algae, bacterial slime, barnacles, tunicates, tubeworms, bryozoa and diatoms. Equally significant, SEA-NINE 211 biocide provides excellent performance while posing a minimal long-term environmental threat. SEA-NINE 211 compound degrades very rapidly in seawater, binds to sediment instead of remaining in the water, and does not accumulate in the tissues of marine animals. 

We also could customized the preservatives accordingly to customer's request. More info, pls feel freely to let us know.


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