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SAP-Super Absorbent Polymer

What is SAP – super absorbent polymers

SAP (Super absorbent polymers) are majority made of sodium polyacrylate and available in granular form or as fibers. The granular material is a polymer made up of millions of identical units of sodium acrylate formed into a chain-fence like structure. These are then linked together to make the material into a three-dimensional network. In their dry state the long polymer chains are coiled. When they absorb liquid, they uncoil, and the network expands. The liquid is then stored in the spaces in the molecular network and the material forms a gel which locks the liquid in.

SAP (Super absorbent polymers) is a material which can absorb up to 300 times their weight in aqueous fluids. Once absorbed, they do not subsequently release it. An ideal material for use in products which are designed to contain fluids.

The safety of superabsorbent polymers

Super absorbent polymers have a proven history of safe use. SAP have been extensively tested and researched. Scientists and doctors alike have reviewed the research and confirm that superabsorbent material is safe.


SAP could absorb water up to several hundred times of its own weight, and turn into natural gel from within seconds.  Fast absorbing speed, high water absorbency under load, anti-cakes. Strong water retention capacity with well distributed particles 


Widely used in women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, urine pads, back pad stickers, moisture-proof absorbent bags, mine water blocking. SAP is also used for manmade snow, ice pack, etc.

Our customers purchase a large amount of SAP to make sanitary napkins for women, and get very good feedback. Another customer used SAP to produce ice packs to keep the food fresh, and the customer's feedback was also very good.

If you are in need of SAP,  or have any questions about SAP. Please feel free to contact us. Professional  suggestion will be supplied for you and free sample could be delivered for your test.


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