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Bactericides, Fungicides, antifouling

The preservatives used for soap liquid, liquid detergents

Biocides are widely used in cleaning products, such as soap liquid, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent. The popular biocide for cleaning products are Isothiazolinone,Benzalkonium chloride and PCMX. In China market, most factories used CMIT/MIT, Benzalkonium chlorideor Chloroxylenol as biocide in cleaning products, and it shows good effect.


Our customers in Egypt market purchased CMIT/MIT 1.5% used for production of soap liquid. The recommend dosage is 1.5‰; As the components of liquid soap formulations vary and may have an impact on the effect of preservatives.  The efficacy and stability of CMIT/MIT-1.5CG should be tested for different customers.


If you have any demand of CMIT/MIT, Isothiazolinone, PCMX/ Chloroxylenol, pls contact us freely. Sample could be supplied for your test, and the professional suggestion will be advised.  Welcome to contact us, Thank you! 


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