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Do I need to use a preservative in detergent?

Some one asked “Do I need to add preservative in detergent?" some believe a preservative is not necessary, while others believe a preservative should be used in every batch. The answer is yes.

Detergent contains shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers and hand lotions, detergents, dishwashing detergents, topical ointments and other products. Which arewidely used during our lives. In order to inhibits and eliminates fungi and various microorganisms, Improve product quality and greatly extend product shelf life, the detergent preservatives must be added during the production process.

What are detergent preservatives?

These products are an internationally recognized safe, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum preservative for daily chemical products. It does not contain any heavy metals, contains no formaldehyde. Our detergent preservatives contain Isothiazolinone, Kathon, Benzisothiazolinone, PHMB, Sodium Pyrithione, Zinc Pyrithione,Benzalkonium chloride...

When the detergent is produced in the factory, the detergent preservative is added to the detergent in the last process, and it is stirred and mixed. This serves two purposes:

1. The preservative prevents the spread of disease (by preventing microbial growth and reproduction)

2. The preservative prevents microbial rancidity and spoilage of the product (by preventing microbial growth and reproduction)


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