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The preservatives for personal care products

There are so many personal care productes widely used during our lives, including Hand washing sanitizer, Creams & lotions, sunscreens, shampoo & conditioners, baby care etc. All these products are added preservatives to avoid mold deterioration and make them long time validity. 

There are many care products declared to contain no preservatives, this is a misleading consumer argument. The personal care products often contact with the air if you do not add anti-corrosion The bacteria in the air contaminate the product, which can lead to mold deterioration and shorten the shelf life.

The preservatives for daily chemical products have strict requirements, and must be efficient and safe preservatives. The cosmetic preservative formula fm our factory does not contain heavy metals and can be added to cosmetics and personal care products. The medicaments are safe and convenient , stable performance.

For Hand washing sanitizer 

We recommend the preservatives of Kathon, CMIT/MIT 1.5CG, CMIT/MIT2.5CG. PCMX, DCMX...

For Creams & lotions, sunscreens,

The safe preservatives is IPBC, PHMB, PCMX...

For Shampoo & conditioners,

Pls choose the products of SPT, It shows good effect.

For baby care products

PHMB 98% Powder & PHMB 20% liquid are safe for baby skin. No any hurt for baby's delicate skin.

All the preservatives could be supplied free sample for test. Any demand pls contact us without hesitation.


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