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The role of the Preservatives used for personal care products

Now the preservatives are widely used in various fields,  the efficacy of preservatives is strong., which could keep the products long time period,  not demaged by bacteria. Because of this, in the daily chemical industry, the use is more common.

Preservatives are specifically used in presonal care product such as hand sanitizers, detergents, cleaning fluids, shampoo and hair care products, hair dyes, glues, topical plasters and the like. Its specific effects can be summarized as sterilization and antiseptic.

Sterilization, daily-grade preservatives are high-efficiency, low-toxic products that can be used against common bacteria. Fungi and algae have a strong killing effect and rapidly and irreversibly inhibit their growth, which may lead to the death of microbial cells.

Anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion agent of daily-grade preservatives is particularly prominent, and does not contain any heavy metals, does not contain formaldehyde, and can strongly inhibit and kill bacterial microorganisms. Greatly improve the quality of the goods, but also increase the shelf life of the goods.

Our feature preservatives of Kathon, CMIT/MIT 1.5,  MB5, MIT, BIT, PHMB, IPBC, SPT, ZPT, PCMX, Triclosan...are widely used for personal care products. Espencially the PHMB is mainly used for baby products, PHMB has no toxic or corrosion for human.

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