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Factors that cause wood to rot

Many common things around us are made of wood. The use of wood is more and more integrated into our lives, and the demand for wood is also increasing. But with the advent of summer, the temperature rises, and the wood decay situation also increases. So far, the most commonly used method to prevent wood from decay is to use wood preservatives.

What caused the wood to rot?
1. The wood-rot fungi invade, its color and structure gradually change, the cell wall is destroyed, and finally becomes soft and fragile, in the form of mesh or powder.
2. Wind, rain, sun, and humid environment.
3. Insect bites.
4. Changes in tissue fibers, etc.

Decay will seriously affect the physical and mechanical properties of wood, reducing the quality of wood, increasing water absorption, and reducing strength and hardness. When the decaying material loses all its strength, its use value also disappears. And rot is like a vicious virus. If it is not treated in time, it will quickly spread to other healthy wood and eventually cause a lot of damage to the wood. The damage caused should not be underestimated. Therefore, when the wood is found to be decayed, it is necessary to use preservatives in time to prevent the situation from further deterioration.

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