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Zinc Pyrithione 48% solution for Cosmetic/Antidandruff Additive CAS13463-41-7

Zinc Pyrithiazone 48% solution for Cosmetic/Antidandruff Additive

Product Name: Zinc Pyrithione 48%-50% solution

CAS No.:13463-41-7

Alias: Zinc Pyrithione; Zinc Omadine; Lunacide ZPT 48% Aqueous Dispersion

Chemical Name: Zinc bis(2-pyridinethiol-1-oxide); Zinc salt of 2-mercaptopyridine-N-oxide

Biocides, ZPT 48% with the main active ingredient zince pyrithione is effective inhibitors of the growth of fungi and bacteria and also inhibit the growth of molds and yeasts in cosmetic preparations. In addition to this, they exhibit high growth inhibiting activity against a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in cosmetic prepareations.

Lunacide ZPT 48% is 48% aqueous dispersion of Zinc Pyrithione as an active ingredient that has ultra-fine particle of zice pyrithione, a dispersant and a stabilizing agent.

ZPT is a superordinary anti-scale agent and anti-lipid overflow agent. It can effectively eliminate eumycete which produces dandruff, and result in relieving itching, removing dandruff, diminishing phalacrosis and deferring poliosis. Therefore, it is considered as a highly effective and safe product. It will add the value of shampoo and meet the high demands from consumers. For this reason, ZPT is widely used in the production of shampoo. Moreover, as a fine, broad-spectrum, environment-friendly and low toxic antiseptics, it can be used in civil coating, adhesive and carpet. The mixture of ZPT and Cu2O also can be used as marine antifouling coating to prevent adhering of shells, seaweeds and aquatic organisms to hulls. ZPT and its relative products enjoy tremendous potential and broad space in pesticide field with properties of high-efficiency, environmental protection, hypotoxicity and broad-spectrum.

General Properties:

Lunacide ZPT 48%:

 -is a mixture in water of very fine particles of zinc pyrithione, a dispersant,

 and a viscosity control agent.

-is and effective antidandruff agent.

-exhibits pronounced growth inhibiting activity against a broad spectrum of both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria in cosmetic preparations.

-inhibits the growth of fungi, both yeast and mold, in cosmetic preparations.



Lunacide ZPT 48%


Off-white aqueous dispersion







PH(5% In PH 7 water)


Bulk Density(gr/ml)


Particle Size

D90 1um



1. Used in shampoo dandruff, it can effectively kill produce dandruff of fungi, to play a role of dusting.

2. Also used as a cosmetic preservative agent.

3. Used for Coating biocid


Antidandruff shampoo:1.0~4.0% depending on customer requirements.

Marine paint: 3.0~10.0% by weight depending on paint formulation of customer. It can be used together with cuprous oxide or cuprous thiocyanate as a perfect formulation in marine paint.


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