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Fish pond disinfection please use DBNPA

Dibromonitrilopropionamide (DBNPA) is a new and efficient bactericidal algaecide and water treatment agent. The substance has strong bactericidal power, wide antibacterial spectrum and easy degradation. It has the dual advantages of rapid hydrolysis in the environment and high efficiency at low doses. After use, it is basically no residue, no residue, no pollution to the environment, and it is an ideal environmentally friendly sterilization product. Moreover, DBNPA is a bromine-based organic non-oxidizing biocide, which has better bactericidal effect than chlorine-containing bactericide, and has good synergistic effect with chlorinated bactericide. At the same time, it has both bactericidal and algae-killing, killing and descaling and corrosion inhibition. Is a multi-effect agent. Therefore, it can be widely used as a water treatment agent in a water treatment system; it can also be applied as a disinfectant in fish pond disinfection, etc., so the product has a very broad application prospect. The substance has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America, but it is mainly used as a water treatment agent. According to relevant literature statistics, DBNPA has a market share of 6.7% in the world market. 1. With the increasing awareness of human environmental protection, its sales volume will increase year by year, and the market prospect is considerable.


It has been proved by experiments that the proper concentration of DBNPA for fish pond sterilization will not harm the small fish in the fish pond, so DBNPA can be used as a disinfectant for fish ponds. At the same time, relevant research shows that t6: DBNPA has high-efficiency and broad-spectrum bactericidal performance, no residue and no residual toxicity after use, and no pollution to water quality. It is an ideal environmentally friendly fungicide; and the substance has long-lasting efficacy and both sterilization and algae killing. It is an excellent multi-effect compounding agent that meets various functions such as killing and descaling and corrosion inhibition. And trends in the development of water treatment agents. Therefore, the product is applied as a disinfectant in fish pond disinfection and the like, and has a broad application prospect and development value.


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