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Kathon Fungicide/ Kathon WT/ Kathon CG

Kathon Preservatives; Kathon Fungicide is a powerful, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, non-toxic green additive. Has entered the country to promote in the fields of coatings, adhesives, textiles, leather, paper, feed, oil refining, power generation, green pesticides and daily chemical industry. The use of isothiazolinone carson antiseptic (CIT/MIT) not only improves product quality, but also reduces costs, and greatly extends product shelf life, as well as water recycling and water use. 

Isothiazolinone has the following advantages:
1. The use concentration is low, the drug effect lasts for a long time, and no foam is produced.
2. a wide range of applications, PH value of 2.0 ~ 9.0 60 ° C below no effect on the sterilization effect.
3. efficient, broad spectrum, can kill and inhibit a variety of microorganisms, mold and algae. It has special effects on Pseudomonas.
4. Isothiazolinone is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and self-degradable. Long-term use will not cause cumulative pollution to the environment.
5. good compatibility, can be compatible with a variety of anion and cation type, emulsifier, can also be used with other fungicides.
6. not burning, easy to transport, easy to use, low dosage, high efficiency, has been recognized by the world.

Application areas:
Isothiazolinone (CIT/MIT) antiseptic bactericide is widely used in acrylic emulsion, coating, waterborne polymer, metal cutting fluid, adhesive, printing paste, ink, dye, color paste, printing paste, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, textile aid Antiseptics in agents, paraffin, wood, tanning, water treatment, industrial circulating water, pulp, paper, power plants, steel, smelting, petroleum, oil refining, oilfield water injection, cosmetics, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, fiber, textile, etc. Sterilization.


KATHON WT, Purity: 14%, which is generally used for bactericidal action in water treatment;
KATHON CG, the content is generally divided into 2.5%, 1.5%, generally used in the field of daily chemicals, sterilization and antiseptic of cosmetics.


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