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Carbomer 940 for hand sanitizer & disinfectant gel

Carbomer 940 for hand sanitizer & disinfectant gel


Carbomer 940 with other name Carboxypolymethylene resin;Poly(acrylic acid). The CAS number is 9007-20-9; 9062-04-8; 54182-57-9; 9003-01-4; 9007-17-4; 76050-42-5;

Accurate quality 72.02110 PSA 37.30000 LOGP 0.25700


Carbomer 940 is white powder. Provides the stability of oil-in-water emulsion systems. It has extremely short rheology, high viscosity, medium clarity, low ion resistance and high shear resistance. Suitable for creams and lotions.


Carbomer powder is an acrylic polymer with polyalkenyl ether cross-linking. It has strong hygroscopicity and certain acidity (because it contains carboxyl groups). It can be neutralized with alkaline substances to form a highly transparent gel. Good viscosity increasing effect. Carbo resin can thicken without being affected by temperature under low dosage, and can make some insoluble additives (particles, oil droplets, etc.) achieve permanent suspension.


Carbomer 940 is short rheology, high viscosity, high clarity, low ion resistance and shear resistance, suitable for gels and creams, hand sanitizer and disinfectant gel.


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