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Bactericides, Fungicides, antifouling

package for biocides of mit-bit-bronopol preservatives

Our company is mainly engaged in industrial fungicides, industrial preservatives, industrial antifouling agents, including isothiazolinone fungicides, preservatives, anti-mold agents. Benzoisothiazolinone, bronopol and other series of antiseptic, anti-mildew, fungicides. Mainly used in petrochemical, power metallurgy, industrial circulating water treatment, paper industry, wood industry, coatings industry, leather industry, daily chemical industry and metal cutting fluid industries such as sterilization, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew.

The period packaging is mainly divided into several types:

1) 25kg cardboard drum packaging;
Suitable for BIT85 powder, Bronopol alcohol 99 powder, DBNPA99 powder, DCOIT97 powder, etc.; 

2) 25kg square plastic blue bucket;
Suitable for BIT20 liquid, CIT/MIT liquid, bronopol alcohol 20 liquid, homotriazine liquid, etc. 

3) 200kg round plastic blue bucket;
Suitable for BIT liquid, CIT/MIT liquid, bronopol 20 liquid, PHMB20 liquid, etc.

4) 1MT square barrel;
Suitable for CIT/MIT liquid, BIT liquid, bronopol 20 liquid, PHMB20 liquid, etc.


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