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About Kathon preservatives

Kathon is referred to as isothiazolinone, which belongs to a kind of preservatives. Different content can be used in different industries. Isothiazolinone preservatives are divided into 14% content, 2.5% content and 1.5% content. Due to its low toxicity and wide range of antibacterial effects, it is a widely used preservative in industrial production.

English name: Kathon.cmit/mit
CASNo: 26172-55-4, 2682-20-4
EINECS number: 220-239-6, 247-500-7
Molecular formula: C4H4ClNOS+C4H5NOS
Molecular weight: 149.56+115.06 


Because of low toxicity, wide range of antibacterial action, strong effect and good compatibility of cosmetic raw materials, it can be dissolved in water and is easy to use. It can be added directly. If used with paraben esters, the effect is better. Used as antiseptic in papermaking, cooling tower, metal cutting oil and paint coating.

Features of Kathon
Kathon products are recognized as safe, efficient, broad-spectrum daily chemicals and restricted preservatives. The foreign trade name "KATHON CG" (Kathon ) is an isothiazolinone compound, which is a product of Benkasson. The structure is: (A) 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and (B) 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, which does not contain any heavy metals and is effective Inhibition and elimination of fungi and various microorganisms.
Kathon use
Kathone is widely used in shampoo, hair care shampoo, hand soap, detergent, tableware detergent, leather coat polish, softener, glue, and topical ointment. Pesticides and other products.
Kathon effect
1. Kathon is highly efficient, non-toxic, broad-spectrum antibacterial and long lasting.
2. Kathon has good compatibility with various emulsifiers and surfactants and has excellent compatibility.
3. Kathon will not change the smell and color of cosmetics and external medicines.
4. Kathon is not limited by temperature, 80 or less is better, and 100 or less has an effective rate of more than 90%.
It is suitable for the environment below 60 degrees Celsius. It will be completely decomposed if it continues to exceed 60 degrees Celsius for more than 24 hours. Do not use it in alkaline environments.
5. Kathon is safe and convenient, stable in nature, small in addition, and suitable in the range of pH 3-9.5.
6. Kathon's price is low, and its price is much lower than similar products at home and abroad.


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