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Cosmetic grade antiseptic and antifungal agent

    Are cosmetic-grade antiseptics and antifungal agents really safe and secure? Why do you dare not use preservative-free skin care products? What is the role of preservatives? The answer is no. The root of this question comes from our misunderstanding of preservatives. What do the preservatives in skin care products do? Basically, I get this answer: Prevent skin care products from breaking down. However, the more important role of preservatives is to prevent fungi and bacteria.

    "No preservatives", this is an important selling point in the current cosmetics promotion. After experiencing severe side effects of cosmetics one after another, consumers began to pay more attention to the potential harm each cosmetic ingredient would bring to their skin. As a result, preservatives that easily cause skin allergies and other problems are included in the list of potentially hazardous ingredients in cosmetics, and consumers are more inclined to choose so-called "natural, preservative-free" cosmetics.

    Since adding an appropriate amount of preservatives to cosmetics is an important means to ensure product quality and safety in production, are the so-called "preservative-free" cosmetics authentic? I personally think that it is not easy to make cosmetics with a longer shelf life without adding preservatives. The merchants are still playing the edge in the promotion of "preservative-free". First, cosmetics are produced from a variety of raw materials, and these raw materials may be added with preservatives before they are sent to the manufacturer’s factory. According to national standards, it is not necessary to add an appropriate amount of preservatives to protect the raw materials. Indicated in the ingredients.

    Second, many manufacturers simply do not use the preservatives listed in the "Specifications", but use solvents that cannot survive microorganisms to replace the use of preservatives, such as polyols with antibacterial effects, 1,2-pentanediol (1,2-Pentanediol), 1,2-hexanediol (1,2-021Hexanediol), although these ingredients are not preservatives, they have obvious antiseptic effects.

    All in all, adding or not adding preservatives in cosmetics is not absolutely good or bad. In other words, cosmetics that do not use preservatives may derive more uncertain risks.

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