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Glass water preservative-Kathon

Glass water is a product that car owners often buy and use. Glass water is mainly used to clean the windshield. After many users have used glass water for a period of time, black spots and deterioration will appear in the glass water, which affects the use of buyers. That's because the produced glass water does not have good anti-corrosion performance. It is recommended that glass water manufacturers use Kasson products for anti-corrosion.

Kathon can be used for the antiseptic of glass water. It has strong killing and inhibitory effect on microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, filamentous bacteria, algae and yeasts. It is mainly used for the anticorrosion of cleaning agents, glass water, car wash liquid, synthetic adhesives, cleaning agents and detergents and other aqueous preparation liquids. It is used in various synthetic emulsions, latex paints, adhesives, fiber starch pastes, and other Surfactant and other chemical raw materials have good compatibility, which can effectively extend the product storage period.

Kathon preservatives has a wide range of PH value, and it can be used from pH 2-9. It has good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and other ingredients, and can be compatible with alcohol and water in any ratio. Strong stability, the active ingredient is also very stable at 150°C, has low toxicity, and does not contain heavy metals and halogen compounds. Stable to amine compounds, no formaldehyde, low odor, no VOC.

The use of Kathon biocide in glass water for antiseptic and sterilization, buyers will never encounter the embarrassment of black spots, deterioration, and moldy in glass water that is only used once or twice. Kathon, easily solved your concerns.

Our company has launched Kathon antiseptic preservative, which is widely used in glass water. The test proves that the growth of mold and fungus can be completely inhibited at the used concentration to achieve the antiseptic effect.


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