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Application of PHMB fungicides in baby wipes

Babies have delicate skin and have less resistance than adults. Therefore, the bactericide added in baby wipes must be safe, non-toxic, and conform to the baby's physique.

Our company recommends the biocide named PHMB. It's a new type of multi-purpose bactericidal and antibacterial high molecular polymer, which will produce ionization in aqueous solution. Its hydrophilic part contains strong positive charge, which can adsorb various bacteria and viruses that are usually negatively charged, enter the cell membrane and inhibit The liposomes in the membrane are synthesized, causing cell apoptosis and achieving the best bactericidal effect.

Use PHMB fungicide for sterile antibacterial wipes, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, etc. When bacteria fall on the textiles treated with this product, a small amount of water can dissolve the active substances contained in the product and kill them quickly bacterial. A thin layer of polymer antibacterial agent is formed on the surface, which can maintain good condition after sterilization and prevent secondary pollution. It achieves the effects of antibacterial, insect-proof and mildew-proof, and has no irritation to human skin.


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