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The Biocide used for papermaking industry

We professcial supply the high quality papermaking fungicide, which is an efficient, broad-spectrum, low-toxic compound fungicide product. The main composition is Isothiazolinone, Bronopol...etc.

Papermaking fungicides should fully consider the problems of pH value, concentration, solubility and action time during use.
1) pH value: It is generally believed that the bactericidal preservative works in its molecular state rather than in the ionic state. The pH value is the main factor affecting the material state. With the gradual development of papermaking from acidic papermaking to medium alkaline papermaking, the pH value of the paper machine system has increased, and the antibacterial preservatives are required to be stable in a wide pH range.
2)Concentration: There is a minimum effective concentration in the use of bactericidal preservatives. If the concentration is too low, the purpose of sterilization or bacteriostasis will not be achieved. If the concentration is too high, the production cost will be high. Ensure that the concentration of the fungicide is slightly higher than the optimal effective concentration. That is, the amount of antiseptic and antiseptic can be used to control the growth and reproduction of microorganisms without deteriorating the slurry and coating.
3) Solubility: The lower the solubility of the antiseptic in water, the stronger the activity. Because the hydrophilicity of the microbial surface is generally lower than that of the slurry system, it is beneficial to increase the concentration of the microbial surface antiseptic and preservative.
4) Action time: The same kind of bactericidal preservative has sterilization effect when the action time is long, but can only achieve the antibacterial effect when the action time is short, so under normal circumstances, it should be added in the previous process.

The series of paper preservatives produced by our company is including CMIT/MIT 14%, CMIT/MIT 1.5% and mixture of Isothiazolinone and Bronopol.   Used for paper breaks, paper spots, holes, etc. caused by rot. It will not corrode the equipment and damage the pulp fiber, can effectively improve the cleanliness of the paper machine, reduce the number of brushing, improve the paper grade, and have a significant anti-corrosion effect on the primary color pulp. It can also be widely used in the sterilization and anti-corrosion of papermaking coatings, starches and neutral sizing agents. 


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