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Bactericidal algaecide - Isothiazolinone Fungicide

The fungicide is a compound biocide of isothiazolinone, it's a cationic surfactant and a non-oxidative bactericide. It has broad-spectrum and high-efficiency sterilization and algae killing ability, can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria and algae in water and the growth of slime, and has good slime stripping effect and certain dispersing and osmotic effects, which can effectively dig out algae reproduction and slime. It has good sterilization in different pH value ranges; at the same time, it has certain degreasing, deodorizing ability and corrosion inhibition.

The CMIT/MIT 1.5% bactericidal can be used in combination with other fungicides, such as glutaraldehyde, dithiooxymethane, etc., to play a synergistic effect, but cannot be used together with chlorophenols. When used as a fungicide in industrial water treatment, it can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae in cooling water, which is unmatched by other agents. The PH value has a wide range of application. Although isothiazolinone is acidic, it is suitable for a wide range of PH value, and can maintain high stability even under alkaline conditions. It can be naturally degraded into non-toxic substances without causing environmental pollution.

As bactericidal algaecide, the dosage is is 3-5kg/T; As a slime stripper, the dosage is 15-25kg/T.

The CMIT/MIT bactericidal is suitable for circulating cooling water system, oil field water injection system and cooling water system. A certain amount of foam is generated during use, and defoamer can be added if necessary. Bactericidal and algicides are non-toxic, but cannot be mixed with anionic surfactants or additives alone, but can be mixed with a certain amount of non-ionic surfactants. Bactericidal and algicides can change and cause cell death.


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