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The price of DBNPA powder decrease in China market

DBNPA 99% Powder price decrease in Chia market

Dibromonitrilopropionamide CAS 10222-01-2 


2.2-Dibromo-3-Nitrilopropion Amide (DBNPA) is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency industrial fungicide, a quick-kill biocide. Which easily hydrolyzes under both acidic and alkaline conditions. It is preferred for its instability in water as it quickly kills and then quickly degrades to ammonia and bromine ions. DBNPA acts similar to the typical halogen biocides.lammable fluid with irritant smell, Soluble in ethyl alcohol and ether, unsoluble in water.





White or almost white crystalline Power


99% min

Melting Point



0.5% max


1% W/V Ph 5.0-7.0


≤40 Hazen

Single Impurity


DBNPA has strong bactericidal power and broad-spectrum antibacterial properties. Could be applied to the sterilization of various environments and materials. Especially in water treatment systems. After use, there is no residue and no residual toxicity, and there is no pollution to the environment. It meets the requirements of green production and environmental protection and is an ideal environmentally friendly fungicide.

DBNPA not only has high-efficiency bactericidal effect, but also has strong functions of algae killing, killing and descaling.

Our factory professcial produce DBNPA 99 % powder and DBNPA 20% solution for years. The DBNPA is with goods quality. Free sample could be supplied for testing.  Now the DBNPA price decrease in China market and keep down trency. If you have any purchase plan, pls contact us freely. The bottom price will be quotated for you. 

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