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China factory supply high quality Sodium Pyrithione 98% Powder

Sodium Pyrithione (SPT 98% Powder)

Our factory professcial produce the biocide of Sodium Pyrithione, with purity 98% min and 40% solution. With CAS number 3811-73-2.  The other name is SPT; sodium 2-pyridinethiol-1-oxide; Sodium omadine;  sodium pyridine-2-thiolate 1-oxide hydrate; pyrithione sodium; pyrithione sodium salt; n-hydroxy-2-pyridinethione sodium salt; n-hydroxypyridinethione sodium salt.

Sodium Pyrithione

Application of  Sodium Pyrithione :

1) Sodium Pyrithione is widely used in daily chemicals(Shampoo and hair conditioner products)building coating, sealing, sticking, pesticide, textile, leather, metalworking fluid and so on, it is effective antimicrobial to bacterial.

2) Sodium Pyrithione is also used to formulate disinfectant and medical spectrum antifungal skin.

3) Sodium Pyrithione is also used as a biocide and disinfectant for fruit trees, wheat, vegetables, and silkworm.

4) Sodium Pyrithione and the other similar product are widely used in the filed, with high effect, wide spectrum and low toxic advantage.

Sodium pyrithione is currently the most effective water-soluble industrial mildew preservative, with high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity and stability.

Our USA customers purchased SPT biocide monthly for their production of Dandruff shampoo.

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