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Kathon Fungicide 14% (CMIT/MIT 14%)

Kathon Fungicide 14% (CMIT/MIT 14%)

Kathon fungicide 14%(CMIT/MIT) is a super strong, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, non-toxic emerald green modifier product. It has entered architectural coatings, adhesives, textiles, leather products, paper industry, concentrated feed, oil refining, power generation, green fertilizer, daily chemical industry and other industries. The application of isothiazolinone Kathon anticorrosion (CMIT/MIT) not only improves product quality, but also reduces costs, greatly improving product shelf life, water recovery and sustainable utilization of tap water sites.

First, the applicaton:

Isothiazolinone (CMIT/MIT) anticorrosive pesticide fungicides are widely used in styrene-acrylic emulsions, architectural coatings, water-soluble polymers, metal materials, laser cutting fluids, adhesives, clothing printing fluids, printing inks, dyes, pearl powder, Garment printing fluid, textiles, paraffin fluid, wood, tannery, sewage treatment, industrial production cooling circulating water, paper, paper industry, power plant, steel, smelter, crude oil, oil refining, oil and gas field irrigation, skin care products, plastics, vulcanized rubber , Pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, textile and other industries.

Second, the method of operation:

The general application concentration value is 3.0-4.0‰ (W/W), and the added amount should be adjusted appropriately according to the number of bacteria in the working environment, seasonal weather conditions, water resources, raw materials, etc. Please use the technical microbial strain experiment for the specific addition amount.

Third, packaging and storage:

Packed in 25KG/plastic drum, 250KG plastic drum, or 1000kg IBC drum.

Store at room temperature, In dark place, In tightly closed container.


Please wear special tools for safety protection during use to prevent direct contact with eyes and skin. Once contact is made, immediately wash with cold water (soap liquid for skin). During the entire storage process, do not touch the oxidized metal materials to prevent dissolution.

This product has poor reliability in alkaline substances with a PH value of >9.5 and is not suitable for use.


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