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The price for Industrial Biocide Preservatives will keep increasing

Since the beginning of this year, the COVID-19 has caused sea freight rised up. Entering the Sep, domestic policy document for dual control of energy consumption for multiple underground power generation plants, more than 20 domestic provinces and cities have been affected by power and production restrictions, and tens of thousands of chemical companies have been affected for the production. The suspension of production by major chemical factories has led to a sharp drop in the supply of chemical raw materials, and the prices of raw materials have remained at high level. As a result, the prices of bactericides, preservatives, mildew preventives, and algaecides continue to increase.

Nowadays, the National Development and Reform Commission has made a major announcement to expand the scope of fluctuations in coal-fired power market transaction prices, and it is clear that the market transaction price of high energy-consuming enterprises is not subject to a 20% rise, which means that more regions will establish a market-oriented electricity price mechanism in the future. Chemical companies will also gradually enter the power market. Under the multiple pressures of power outages and rising electricity prices, the trend of tighter prices in the chemical industry will continue.

2021 has entered the last two months. Analysts predict that various chemical raw materials will continue to rise, and the pressure on the cost side of enterprises will continue to be greater.  Our company will always try best to quotate the bottom price for each customers, and arrange the prompt shipment. Any purchase plan fm China, pls don't hesitate to contact us-Sinotrust Chem freely.


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