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Preservatives for Metal Cutting Fluid & Preservatives for Metal Working Fluid

1) Preservatives for Metal Cutting Fluid

This preservatives is used in high temperature and high alkali environment to protect the system from bacteria and mold, It is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency bactericide that kills a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. The main composition is BIT 10%, with high temperature resistant.

Protect metal cutting fluid from microbial attack. Protecting the use of metal cutting fluids and the deteriorating factors in the storage process.

metal working fluid preservatives





Light yellow solution.

Active Ingredient

10% min

pH (10% in water)


Specific Gravity (g/ml)

1.02-1.10at 25°C

Method of Application

It can be added to the concentrate or directly to the working fluid. The PH value is in the range of 9-13.


1) The amount of metal cutting fluid concentrate is generally 2%-4%;

2) The amount of metal cutting fluid working fluid is generally 0.1%;

3) The amount of industrial cleaning agent is generally 0.1% -0.15% (final dilution)

2) Metal Working Fluid Preservatives

The metal working fluid preservative is a bactericide used directly in the working fluid during the metal processing. It sterilizes broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and could kill varieties of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The degradation of important components in the metalworking fluid due to microbial contamination in metalworking fluids results in a decrease in the viscosity of the fluid and a change in the pH value, which in turn causes corrosion and leakage of the machining system. The anaerobic bacteria in the processing liquid and the sulphate-reducing bacteria have a good effect of suppressing and killing. The main composition is CMIT/MIT 2.5%.

photo CMIT MIT2.5 900 300.JPG





Blue-green transparent liquid

Content of active substance %


Density (25°C)g/ml

1.01 -1.06

pH (1% solution)


Method of Application

Diluted directly with water added to the working fluid. PH value range 6-9.


1) The amount of Metal cutting fluid is generally added 0.05% -0.15%;

2) The amount of system cleaning and disinfection is generally 0.1% -0.15%;

3) The amount of industrial cleaning agent is generally 0.1% -0.15% (final dilution).


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