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Preservatives in cosmetics Daily chemicals

Preservatives in skin care products- Non-toxic side effects

Preservatives are substances that exist to prevent product changes and deterioration of the product. In short, it is to make the deterioration longer Including our food, 99% will be added with preservatives to ensure the freshness of the food.

·    What effect do preservatives have?

1, to prevent product corruption, any substance will have oxidative deterioration;

2. To prevent secondary pollution during use, often dig it, bacteria on your hands will repeatedly touch the product, and the product is easily contaminated;

3. Prevent organic substances from decomposing harmful substances in skin care products.

Therefore, as long as the preservatives prescribed by the country are used, and the amount is not exceeded, the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages.

Summary: The effective shelf life of general skin care products is about 3 years, while skin care products without preservatives have ingredients that replace preservatives, but their storage time is generally only about 1 year.Basically there are only nine months left.

The main preservatives for Cosmetics, Daily chemicals are as below:

CMIT/MIT 1.5CG; Kathon cg; MB5(Mixture of MIT & BIT); BIT;

PHMB (Poly(hexamethylenebiguanide) hydrochloride);

IPBC 99 (Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate );

SPT (Sodium Pyrithione); ZPT(Zinc Pyrithiazone )

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