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Prompt shipment for Customers

Prompt shipment of  SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMER  (SAP )

Our customer order the goods of SAP Super Absorbent Polymer for baby diaper at early of Feb,2020. As a severe new crown virus broke out in our country,  factory stop production and logistics dept stop delivery. It is difficult to export the goods from China to the customer's country for a while.

Even under such conditions, our customers are actively ordering. And it severely test our shipping capabilities, we should pay one percent to do the best. To delivery the goods timely in order to ensure the normal production at customer's workshop.

We make active booking, and charged person in factory actively contacted the logistics dept, the courier company. Finally the goods were successfully delivered to the loading port. Then loading into conntainer, then leave off port.

Thank you for all of the lovely person,  who silently contributed in each process. Let's sincerely work together in 2020 to create great results.


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